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Stable Version

The current stable version of Transcendence is 1.01, which can be found at the offical download page.

The stable version is likely a good choice if you just want to play the game, and are not interested in creating or playing extensions.

Beta Versions

The beta versions of Transcendence, defined as “any versions the developer does not post on the main site”, are only distributed through the official forums. Though considered betas, these are typically very stable releases themselves; any nasty bugs are usually taken care of in the letter-suffix releases fairly quickly. The base game's gameplay has changed little in the betas; the majority of the features added are there at mod author's request and for the use of the next major chapter of the game when it is released.

Most of the active forums and IRC community seem to regularly use the latest betas, and perhaps all extension developers do, so if you want in on the extensions scene, you'll want to use these version.


These are the releases of the current major version. You should probably only use the most recent, top one, but the posts and issues here for the rest are useful because much of the most recent information has not yet made it into the changelog. Plus, release discussions can be interesting.

* Announced with this version

The bugtracker's Fixed by Milestone report shows the issues from the last few versions on one page, and is probably more useful in the short term than the individual (but permanent) trac reports listed above.

Older version update information is available in the changelog, older version release history and downloads are available in the version_history.

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