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Corporate Cruiser

This ship shows up when a Corporate station is destroyed, by the player or by an enemy. These stations include the Corporate Enclaves, Corporate Trading posts, Ice Farms, arms and armor dealers, etc. The Corporate Cruiser will attack whoever destroyed the station. When this ship shows up, several freighters spawn as well to reclaim the goods in the destroyed station.

Name Corporate Cruiser
UNID &scCorporateCruiser;
Class “”
Type cruiser
Score 2160
Mass 8000
Cargo Space 1000
Max Speed 20
Thrust 5000
Maneuverability 12
Wreck Chance 100%
Quadrocarbide armor X24, Non-critical X16
Plasma shield generator
Rasiermesser launcher X2
Gotha-10 missiles


Very hard to kill early game, so it is a great deterrent from destroying stations. However, once the player gets to acquire level 7 tech, they can have a chance at taking one of these down. The cruiser also leaves when its shield is down, so make sure to follow it and take it down before its shields recharge. Also, ICX missile defense turret type weapons won't stand a chance at stopping the full barrage of gotha-10's, as the rate of fire is too fast.

Warning: Possible Spoiler Ahead

Kate Morgental apprears in one at Rigel Aurelius before showing up in a Corporate Explorer at Heretic.

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