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NOTE: This page needs to be split into separate Svalbard Explorer and Huygens Explorer pages, as the stats are different.

Name of ship

Description: The corporate explorer is the epitome of Corporate R&D. Housing several scientific teams to study and research anomalies such as Heretic, it has resulted in ships that are fully equipped to scan, identify, and report on any phenomena in the Human Quarantine Zone.
NOTE: there is no generic corporate explorer, as of 1.06a there is only the Svalbard and Huygens Explorers.

Name Corporate Explorer
UNID &scSvalbardExplorer; OR &scHuygensExplorer;
Class ““
Type explorer
Score 2160
Mass 8000
Cargo Space 1000
Max Speed .10c
Thrust 5000
Maneuverability 12
Wreck Chance 100%
quadrocarbide armor X24 NonCriticalX16
plasma shield generator
Depends upon ship
a Longreach I autocannon or ICX missile defense turret would be nice, but I guess the Corp just decided to go the cheap way again :/


Warning: Possible Spoiler Ahead

The Huygens Explorer is currently the only ship that has Positron lancers (X2) equipped. It is also something the player will have to encounter if they take the Ringer mission in Heretic. Both explorers are plot-critical, and by the time you have escaped the Quarantine Zone, one shall stand, and one shall fall.

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