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Zoanthrope Behemoth

Description: Possibly the most resistant auton ever, this Dwarg can switch sides at will when the going gets tough. They are usually found near Dwarg fortresses.

Name Zoanthrope behemoth
UNID &scDwargBehemoth;
Class Zoanthrope behemoth
Type ““
Score 910
Mass 12500
Cargo Space 100
Max Speed .12c
Thrust 1200
Maneuverability 8
Wreck Chance 100%
Dwarg holochroal armor X12 Non-critical X6
Dwarg behemoth cannon
Dwarg xiphon cannon


This ship will turn friendly if the base is destroyed first, similar to zoanthrope raiders. Players actively search for behemoths and some lucky ones will keep them until Heretic. One issue with fighting against this ship is that it reflects ion and particle damage, so players bring blast or thermo weapons, such as howitzers, and lots of tenacity, as this ship stays live longer than most would think.

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