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Zoanthrope raider

Name Zoanthrope raider
UNID &scDwargRaider;
Class Zoanthrope raider
Type ““
Score 240
Mass 25
Cargo Space 5
Max Speed .19c
Thrust 100
Maneuverability 4
Wreck Chance 20%
Dwarg chiton armor X2
Dwarg xiphon cannon


Weak ship, fairly good weapon, dangerous in swarms and they always come in swarms. They will be led by either a Dwarg Master or a Dwarg Colony station, and if something (including the player ship, and wingmen and autons) destroys their leader, some of them will start following whatever destroyed it, with the message “WE foLLow thE stRong”.

If a swarm is following a Dwarg Master, they may come after you and attack, and if they drop your shields, the Dwarg Master can EMP you, leaving you to be pummeled by the raiders. Be careful.

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