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Aurochs Transport

Description: This armed transport is fast compared to Korolov freighters. Sometimes, the player is assigned a mission that includes escorting this ship. It's a nice change escorting a ship that can defend itself, compared to the tissue-plated ships the player has to defend when working for the Korolov.

Name Aurochs Transport
UNID &scAurochs;
Class Aurochs
Type transport
Score 1090
Mass 8000
Cargo Space 5600
Max Speed .15c
Thrust 3000
Maneuverability 9
Wreck Chance 80%
P150 Hexphase armor X12
R5 deflector
TeV 9 blaster *omnidirectional


Note that there is also the a similar ship in the Rogue fleet called the &scRogueMineLayer; (same name, Aurochs, different UNID).

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