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Xenophobe Worldship

Description: A huge green ship capable of decimating a Commonwealth Star Carrier or Phobos, these ships belong to a mysterious faction called the Xenophobes. They will shoot at the player when in range, but they usually wander the system, attacking anything that stands in their path. They're usually escorted by a few Xenophobe defenders and a large swarm of Xenophobe fighters.

Name Xenophobe Worldship
UNID &scXenophobeWorldship;
Class “”
Type worldship
Score 2830
Mass 50000 tons
Cargo Space 25000
Max Speed .06c
Thrust 50000
Maneuverability 16
Wreck Chance 100%
Worldship armor plate X24, Non-critical X18
Xenophobe ion lancer X6
Mark V howitzer *omnidirectional
ICX missile defense turret
Koshiba-500 reactor


The Xenophobe Worldship is an exceedingly strong opponent, and should not be attacked unless you know what you're doing. They are immune to blast and particle damage (and everything below them) and are EMP, device damage and radiation-immune. Their ion lancers are also both powerful, and long ranged. At shorter ranges, they'll also bombard you with their howitzer.

On the other hand, it has no shield, and you can pound these things from a far distance with an ion weapon like the Katana star cannon.
Remember to keep your distance, as the ion lancer is not something to toy with. Another way to easily beat these formidable opponents is to lure them close to a Ringer station, preferably a shipyard.

The presence of this vessel in a system can be easily detected by the trail of destroyed stations, Xenophobe defender and Xenophobe fighter wrecks and dead Commonwealth Star Carriers left in its wake, and the yellow beams of death pelting you from beyond scanner range.

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