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Name 200A defender auton
UNID &sc200ADefenderAuton;
Class 200A defender auton
Type auton
Score 240
Mass 2
Cargo Space 0
Max Speed 25
Thrust 30
Maneuverability 2
Wreck Chance 0
Light Plasteel Armor X1
Hull Plate Ionizer
Turbolaser Cannon

Game Description

“The 200A series was recalled several years ago because of an unstable AI.”


This auton, when activated, will have a “safety module failure” and start attacking the player. It won't respond to commands, and will need to be destroyed.

This auton will stop attacking and run when its shields are down, and come back when they recharge. Since it has a Hull Plate Ionizer, as the armor is damaged it will take a shorter time for the shield to recharge to maximum (the maximum strength will be lower) and the auton will come back more quickly.

The only difference in equipment between this and the 300D is that this has Light Plasteel Armor while the 300D has the stronger Plasteel Armor.

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