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Teraton Factory

* Warning Spoilers Ahead * UPDATED TERATON INFO IN PM's POST

The following is based the 1.04 Teraton.xml file.

Each Teraton Factory has 3 variables. They are energy, material and disposition. It needs energy to do almost anything, it needs material in order to produce something, and if it doesn't like you, well, you probably won't like what happens. All three values start out at zero.

A full list of possible inputs and results follows below, here's a brief primer for those who can't make sense of the pseudo-code:

  • As “digesting” some of the other ingredients might take some energy, you should provide energy first. Just offer fuel of any sort. Some other things also work, like stuff with quantum-whatnot or zeropoint-something in their names, but fuel will do nicely and you probably have it in abundance. Btw, no worries: you didn't just drop in your whole stock of fuel rods – you can offer only one item at a time.
  • Next, material. It can use any Ore, or Armor (damaged or not). It needs some energy to transform armor into material, though. The higher the level of your offer, the more material it will provide.
  • Finally, good food will improve it's disposition. Ringer Spice is best, or Ringer Ambrosia. Really, it will take any kind of Luxury food (like what you used to get at Ice Farms), but digesting Terran food takes some energy.

The only variable you can reliably observe is disposition: If “the organic mass appears restless and angry”, that's bad. If it “appears calm”, that's OK, and if it “purrs with contentment”, that's good. It should at least be calm before you try to get anything out of it. The other two variables, energy and material, aren't quite as critical: compared to good food, fuel and armor are easy to come by. Just offer great amounts of both and be done with it, 20 pteracnium rods and 15 level-7 armor plates will go a long way indeed. If that hurts you, try to understand the table below and/or pick one factory and use only that one.

Once all is set, if you drop in ammo, you will get more of the same ammo in return. Creating ammo doesn't change it's disposition; you can just repeat this until it runs out of either fuel or material, at which time it will crush your offer and become slightly angry.

If you offer a weapon (damaged or not), you will get a functional weapon in return, of similar or higher level, depending on the Teraton's disposition. This also works for shields or any other device. However, it will only provide you with items up to Level 10. If you try to make it create a level-11 item, the teraton will become angry.

You can get a rough estimate of the disposition of the factory by the description on entering the chamber.

Disposition Message
< 0 The organic mass appears restless and angry.
> 2 >= 5 The organic mass appears calm.
> 5 The organic mass purrs with contentment.

If disposition ever drops below -9 there is a 25% chance that the factory will kill you.

When offering an item the description text gives a clue for how the three variables have changed. For example, sweet mist means an increase in disposition.

The following table gives the input/output for the factory. The code moves down the list until one matches. See legend for the pattern.

The min columns indicate the minimum of each of the variables for that action. The change columns indicate how much each of the variables change. The letter “l” indicates the level of the item offered. Nil indicates not applicable or no output. The string replicate means to replicate the item, otherwise output is used to find an item to produce.

Pattern Min MaterialMin EnergyMin DispositionChange MaterialChange EnergyChange DispositionOutput Output Level
&itRingerAmbrosia; 0 0 +5
&itRingerSpice; 0 0 +1
&itRadioactiveWaste; 0 -1 -5
&itOrganicAcid; 0 0 -1
“* +Soul;” 0 0 “+L”
“* +Food; +Lux;” 1 0 -1 +1
“* +Res; +ZeroPoint;” 0 “+L” 0
“* +Res; +AntiMatter;” 0 “+L” 0
“* +Res; +Nuclear;” 0 “+L” 0
“* +Res;” “+L” 0 0
“f” 0 “+L” 0
“a” 1 “+L” -1 0
“* +Meds;” 0 0 “-L”
“w <8” “+2L” “+2L” 2 “-2L” “-2L” -2 “w” “L+1”
“w <8” “+2L” “+2L” “-2L” “-2L” 0 “w” “L”
“w <8” “+L” “+L” -1
“w <11” “+2L” “+2L” 5 “-2L” “-2L” -5 “w” “L+1”
“w <11” “+2L” “+2L” 2 “-2L” “-2L” -2 “w” “L”
“w <11” “+L” “+L” “-L”
“s <8” “+L” “+L” 1 “-L” “-L” -1 “s” “L+1”
“s <8” “+L” “+L” “-L” “-L” 0 “s” “L”
“s <8” “+L” “+L” -1
“s <11” “+L” “+L” 5 “-L” “-L” -5 “s” “L+1”
“s <11” “+L” “+L” 1 “-L” “-L” -1 “s” “L”
“s <11” “+L” “+L” “-L”
“vr <8” “+L” “+2L” 1 “-L” “-2L” -1 “vr” “L+1”
“vr <8” “+L” “+2L” “-L” “-2L” 0 “vr” “L”
“vr <8” “+L” “+L” 0
“vr <11” “+L” “+2L” 5 “-L” “-2L” -5 “vr” “L+1”
“vr <11” “+L” “+2L” 1 “-L” “-2L” -1 “vr” “L”
“vr <11” “+L” “+L” 0
“d~swvr <8” “+L” “+L” 1 “-L” “-L” -1 “d~swvr” “L+1”
“d~swvr <8” “+L” “+L” “-L” “-L” 0 “d~swvr” “L”
“d~swvr <8” “+L” “+L” 0
“d~swvr <11” “+L” “+L” 5 “-L” “-L” -5 “d~swvr” “L+1”
“d~swvr <11” “+L” “+L” 1 “-L” “-L” -1 “d~swvr” “L”
“d~swvr <11” “+L” “+L” 0
“m <11” “+L” “+L” “-L” “-L” 0 “replicate”
“m <16” “+2L” “+2L” “-2L” “-2L” 0 “replicate”
“*” 0 0 0

''Empty cells are 'nil'



First thing to do when arriving at a fabricator decide what you want.

Looking at the table find your desired item and make a note of the minX values. These tell you what you need to get the fabricator's stats to.

The next step is to increase the three stats to the needed levels.

As an example, we will try to fabricate a high level weapon.

We can get that by increasing the disposition to 5+, energy to 21+ and material to 21+.

Increasing disposition:

Items: Ringer Ambrosia, Ringer Spice, Luxury food, soul items
Message: Tentacles eagerly reach out to accept your offering and the organic mass swallows it with a hiss. The organic mass spews a sweet, pleasant mist.

Increasing energy:

Items: Any Fuel, Boson Condensate, Hadron Archeolith, Hyperonic Ore, Quantum Vacuum, Chromium Gas, Pteracnium Ore, Xenotite Ore, Uranium Ore, Cobalt-Thorium, Helium Regolith, Promethium Crystal.
Message: Tentacles reach out to accept your offering and the organic mass swallows it.  Organs and bladers gurgle as they process the material you have fed them.

Increasing material:

Items: Any ore OTHER than the ones presented above.  Armor segments will also work and are available in large quantities but will reduce energy by an equal amount.  The fabricator will not mind if the armor is damaged.
Message: Tentacles reach out to accept your offering and the organic mass swallows it.  Organs and bladers gurgle as they process the material you have fed them.

*Fabrication:* The minimum items required for a high level item would be 1x Ringer ambrosia, 21x Helium Rods, 21x titanium ore and one weapon of level 9+ damaged or not. If the items are dropped into the pit in that order the fabricator will give you a weapon one level higher than the one dropped in.

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