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Syntax (msnGetProperty missionObj property)
Arguments missionObj: The mission object to get the property from
property: The property to retrieve
Returns value
Category mission_functions
Description Returns a certain property of a given mission type.


(msnGetProperty gSource 'name)

Returns the name of the mission type.

msnGetProperty Criteria

 'acceptedOn        Tick on which player accepted mission (or Nil)
 'canBeDeleted      Mission can be deleted by player
 'debrieferID       ID of the object that will debrief the player
 'id                Mission object ID
 'isActive          Is an active player mission
 'isCompleted       Is a completed mission (player or non-player)
 'isDebriefed       Player has been debriefed
 'isDeclined        Player has declined mission
 'isFailure         Mission has failed
 'isIntroShown      Player has been shown intro text
 'isOpen            Mission is available to player
 'isSuccess         Mission has succeeded
 'isUnavailable     Mission has started without the player
 'name              The name of the mission
 'nodeID            ID of the mission's owner system
 'ownerID           ID of the mission's owner object
 'summary           A summary description of the mission
 'unid              Mission type UNID

Mission Types

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