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DEPRECATED: Use typGetDataField instead


See shpGetDataField at Xelerus

Syntax (shpGetDataField number string)
Arguments number: the space object or the shipclass UNID of the ship you want data from.
string: the name of the data field of the ship.
Returns expression: returns the value or the string of the data field. If there is no value, nothing is returned, not even Nil
Category 0.99, ship, UNID
Description This function retrieves some base data from a ship. It can access some of the values from the ship class's xml, and some other values. (see below).


(shpGetDataField (shpGetClass gPlayership) "score")

Returns 105 for the Freighter.

(shpGetDataField gPlayerShip "level")

Returns 2 for the Sapphire.

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