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Name Akan 30 cannon
UNID &itAkan30Cannon;
Level V
Base Value 7000
Mass 3000 (3.0 tons)
Frequency common
Fire Rate 10 (6/second)
Power Use 40 (4MW)
Missiles Used
Akan 30 cannon shell cartridge
Damage blast:3d12 (3-36) momentum2 WMD2;
Lifetime 120

Game Description

“The Akan 30 is a powerful cannon designed by the Rasiermesser Corporation. This weapon requires Akan 30 cannon shells.”

Gameplay Notes

This is perhaps the first available weapon that remains viable through the entire pre-Heretic game. Ammo will be in short supply early on, but unlimited ammo can be farmed from Ranx Gunships later on. To remain viable this weapon requires hexagine boosters so if you intend to keep it all game plan ahead.

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