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Sung Transport

Often escorted by a small swarm of Wind slavers, these long, thin freighters are seen in the Ungoverned Territories being used by the Sung Slavers to transport slaves and Sung equipment.

Name Sung transport
UNID &scSungTransport;
Class Sung transport
Type ““
Score 470
Mass 8000
Cargo Space 5000
Max Speed .06c
Thrust 1000
Maneuverability 20
Wreck Chance 100%
Sung armor X36, Non-critical X28
Yoroi S100 shield generator
Particle beam weapon *omnidirectional
Nova-100 reactor


This only has an omnidirectionally mounted particle beam weapon, you should be more worried about the Wind slavers around it. If you can handle them, you can handle the transport, if not, run, the Wind slavers should stay with the transport.

Shoot at the critical armor segments at the front or back, or shoot through a non-critical segment on one of the sides and then hit it with a few missiles.

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