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Name Ares Warhammer nuke
UNID &itWarhammerNuke
Level IX
Base value 1000
Mass 300 Kg
Frequency rare
Damage thermo:2d12 (2-24) WMD7;
Fire rate 40 (1.2/second)
Power use 200 (20MW)
Lifetime 480
Speed 30
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 30
Launcher Ares launcher
Fragment: Area
Damage thermo:2d12 (2-24) WMD7;
Speed 25
Lifetime 24

Game Description

“These long-range thermonuclear missiles are fired by Ares launchers.”

Community Description

These are quite slow, but have a massive range. This makes them almost impossible to use against fast, nimble enemies, however tey are Area of Effect weapons, and thus are among the best missiles against big ships and stations.

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