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Name Ares launcher
UNID &itAresLauncher;
Level VIII
Base Value 75000
Mass 4000 (4.0 tons)
Frequency rare
Fire Rate 40 (1.5/second)
Power Use 200 (20MW)
Missiles Used
Ares Warhammer nuke
Damage thermo:2d12 (2-24) WMD7;
Lifetime 480
Fragment: Area
Damage kinetic:2d12 (2-24) WMD7;
Lifetime 24
Ares micronuke
Damage thermo:3d12 (3-36) WMD3;
Lifetime 180
Fragment: Area
Damage kinetic:1d12 (1-12) WMD3;
Lifetime 24

Game Description

“These cannons can launch a thermonuclear shell at more than 60% of lightspeed.”


The Ares Launcher is not the easiest weapon to use. However against large capital ships, the current way that shockwaves do damage make this launcher amazingly useful. Warhammer nukes are quite hard to aim due to their low speed, however.

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