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Name Penitent cannon
UNID &itAbsolutionCannon;
Level IV
Base Value 4000
Mass 2000 (2.0 tons)
Frequency rare
Damage darkAcid:1d8 (1-8) WMD1;
Fire Rate 45 (1.3/second)
Power Use 200 (20MW)
Lifetime 40

Game Description

“Very little is known about these exotic, dark-matter weapons. The Order of Penitence uses these weapons in their ships.”


These are the only “dark” weapons in the game at present (1.01). Despite this, they are extremely underpowered, for all they are about the only thing that can scratch Hierosteel armor. By the time these come up, they are amazingly forgettable. Avoid using, if at all possible.

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