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Ranx Dreadnought

Description: These large, imposing ships serve to defend the Ranx coalition, an cessationist faction of the Commonwealth that resides in the Outer Realm. More about their history can be read here. As for the dreadnought, it isn't as deadly as the Phobos or the commonwealth star carrier, but as with everything in the Outer Realm, is dangerous if one does not know the proper precautions.

Name Ranx Dreadnought
UNID &scRanxDreadnought;
Class ““
Type dreadnought
Score 1350
Mass 25000
Cargo Space 15000
Max Speed .08c
Thrust 10000
Maneuverability 16
Wreck Chance 100%
Transuranic armor X24 Non-critical X18
Kiloton cannon *omnidirectional
Kiloton cannon shells
Patch spider X2


Due to a slight kink in how the kiloton shell explodes, it is possible to collide with the shell in such a way that the impact nullifies most of the damage. Thus, this is one of the only ships where getting closer is recommended, as the impacts from all the shells won't do a scratch if the player is close enough. Patch spiders also mean that these ships will repair themselves over time if not dealt with properly.

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