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Medium IAV

Description: This versatile ship is used by Commonwealth civillians, and is decently armed and armored against pirates.

Name medium IAV
UNID &scIAVMedium;
Class medium IAV
Type ““
Score ”“
Mass 50
Cargo Space 10
Max Speed .16c
Thrust 200
Maneuverability 8
Wreck Chance 30%
Heavy reactive armor X2
45% chance of Dual particle beam weapon
30% chance of Lancer cannon
25% chance of Heavy slam cannon


Again, not usually encountered as an enemy, but is very dangerous to a starting player. Since it sports level V weapons, it is advised not to fight until either the player outranges it or can fight on even ground, as this ship's (and as with IAV's in general) greatest weakness is lack of a shield.

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