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Description: The Polar is usually found in the Outer Realm, shifting ores and other war material to Ares stations. It isn't really a decent fighter, but it usually does come with sandstorm escorts. Usually, there are goodies inside such as ores you can sell to the Ringers.

Name Polar
UNID &scPolar;
Class Polar
Type freighter
Score 1150
Mass 8000
Cargo Space 5000
Max Speed .08c
Thrust 1000
Maneuverability 20
Wreck Chance 100%
Light Tharsis plate X36, Non-critical X28
Ares lightning cannon *omnidirectional


Weak armor, no shields, weak weapon. Attack the critical segments at the front or back, or go through the side non-critical armor then hit it with a few missiles. Free ore!

These are usually escorted by Sandstorms, though, you'll need to either kill them first, or kill the Polar fast enough that they don't damage you much, then kill them.

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