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A relic from a bygone era, this old military ship is now used for civilian purposes, having already outlived its usefulness as a military craft.

This is the first of the Ronin series, with less armor and weapons than the Ronin/B and /C, and no shields.

Name Ronin/A-class gunship
UNID &scRoninA;
Class Ronin/A
Type gunship
Score 55
Mass 100
Cargo Space 50
Max Speed .20c
Thrust 300
Maneuverability 4
Wreck Chance 35%
Light ceramic armor X4
Bolide laser blaster


It's not really an enemy craft, so not many players have fought this ship too often. It's greatest weakness, aside from using a Bolide, is that it has no shields. Just keep pounding down on it and it should die eventually.

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