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Description: A missileship, this support vessel stays behind the front lines, pounding the enemy. The Cometfall's job is to tear enemies open with its nukes, and it sure does a really good job.

Name Cometfall
UNID &scCometfall;
Class Cometfall
Type missileship
Score 1730
Mass 4000
Cargo Space 1000
Max Speed 10
Thrust 4000
Maneuverability 8
Wreck Chance 80%
Tharsis plate X12
Cydonian shield generator
Ares lightning cannon *omnidirectional
Ares launcher
Ares warhammer nukes
Ares micronukes


A very, very deadly thing to ships and stations, this Ares support ship is easily destroyed once a player gets up close, rips apart its shields, then goes in for the kill.

Warning: Possible Spoilers Below

As with the Aquila, this ship is found in only one location. Cometfalls attack Point Juno when it gets attacked by the Ares in a mission.

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