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The Centurion is the backbone of the Commonwealth fleet. Lone Centurions are seen defending some stations in the early game, and they are almost nigh invulnerable to beat. However, as the technology level progresses throughout the game, the Centurion becomes a much less feared ship and more of cannon fodder, especially when pitted against Ares ships. Still, it is a very sturdy ship and can dish some damage before succumbing to a very violent and very silent death in the Outer Realm. It is also presumably the ship that is carried by the Commonwealth Star Carrier and is implied to fit inside the Corporate Explorer.

Name Centurion
UNID &scCenturion;
Class Heavy Gunship
Score 635
Mass 250 tons
Cargo Space 50
Max Speed .20 c
Thrust 1250
Maneuverability 3
Wreck Chance 50%
Blast plate X4
R1 deflector
TeV 9 blaster


As with any gunship, it cannot usually sustain combat for long periods of time without getting repairs. Also, as players explore deeper and deeper into the Outer Realm, the Centurion becomes immediately obsolete, as they are usually forced to take on capital ships without reinforcements.

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