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Syntax (objAddOverlay obj overlayType [lifetime]) → overlayID
(objAddOverlay obj overlayType pos rotation [lifetime]) → overlayID
Arguments obj: The space object to add the overlay on
overlayType: the overlay type to add to the space object
pos: Optional field. Position of the overlay
rotation: Optional field. Rotation of the overlay.
[lifetime]: Optional field. Lifetime, in ticks, the overlay is on the ship for.
Returns A pointer to the created overlay
Category spaceObject functions
Description Adds an overlay to a spaceObject.


 (objAddOverlay gSource &sfSustain; 500) 

Adds the Sustain overlay to the source for 500 ticks.

 (objAddOverlay gSource &sfSustain; 50 0 ) 

Adds the Sustain overlay 50 pixels starboard to the source object.

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