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See objGateTo at Xelerus

Syntax (objGateTo obj node entrypoint [effectID])
Arguments obj: The spaceObject you want to gate somewhere.
node: The node id of the system you want to gate to.
entrypoint: The label in the system you want to go to. This label can be hardcoded in xml, or usually one of the two labels Inbound/Outbound can be used.
[effectID]: The UNID of the effect you want to use when you gate.
Returns True. This return value can mostly be ignored
Category spaceobject
Description Gates the spaceObject to whatever system you want. The 'entrypoint' is a bit tricky, since it must be hardcoded in the systems xml description to be used here. If there is a gate leading into the system, “Inbound” can usually be used, if there is a gate leading out, “Outbound” can be used. The list returned from sysGetStargates contains valid labels.


(objGateTo gPlayerShip "Elysium" "Start" &efStargateOut;)

Gates the player ship to Elysium and puts the ship at the start label. Return to Functions list

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