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See sysStopTime at Xelerus

Syntax 1 (sysStopTime duration except) → True/Nil
Syntax 2 (sysStopTime targetList duration) → True/Nil
Arguments 1 duration: How many ticks you want to stop time for.
except: A space object that you want immune from the time stop. Can be any spaceobject. (can not be Nil)
Arguments 2 targetList: A list of space objects to stop time on.
duration: How many ticks you want to stop time for.
Returns condition: True if successful, Nil otherwise.
Category system, time
Description 1 Stops time for the system except for the given spaceObject. Please note that the function stops time for any timers, even if placed on the spaceObject that you want to be immune.
Description 2 Stops time for only the specified objects and their timers.

This function does not work for objects with the attribute timeStopImmune


(sysStopTime 500 gplayership)

Stops time for everything except for the player.

(sysStopTime (sysFindObject gPlayerShip "s A E") 900)

Freezes the player's enemy ships in place for 30 real-world seconds. Return to Functions list

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