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Anacreon is a browser-based online multiplayer 4X strategy game set in the human-colonized area of known space. Players are the absolute rulers of multi-world space empires and compete or cooperate to grow in strength and size. Gameplay involves conquering and developing planets, building and deploying spaceships and infantry, engaging in interplanetary trade, and participating in diplomacy with other players. Fleets take minutes or hours to move between planets, and gameplay takes place over the course of days or weeks in real time. Anacreon games are persistent- they have no set end time or win condition.

Anacreon was created by George Moromisato, and is the spiritual successor to his 1988 game Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021. A Windows version of the original Anacreon, which is a local or network multiplayer game, was re-released for Windows in 2005. Unless otherwise noted, material on this wiki refers to the browser-based Anacreon.

Key pages

Game concepts How the game works.
Lexicon What game terms and jargon mean.
Unit tables Units in the game
Resource tables Resources in the game

Gameplay Guides

Starting Guides

Anacreon Quick Start Guide Official guide for new players (Beta I).
Early Empire Tutorial Guide for building and managing your first empire, by wTVd0 (Era 3),.
Frequently Asked Questions An Anacreon FAQ that includes gameplay tips, by wTVd0 (Era 3).

Subject-specific guides

Diplomacy Guide How to interact with other players, by Wayward Device (Beta I).
Trade Cluster Guide Guide to trade cluster construction for the civilized emperor, by Imperator (Era 3).

The Other Anacreon Wiki

There is another Anacreon wiki, but it contains outdated information and should not be considered authoritative.

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