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This section is still undergoing revision and will be modified as time passes.

Please take note that there is a playground as well, and make sure to make good use of it as a place for experimentation. BRIEF REVIEW:

Adding Linksadd links so that they don't have the globe unless the link is external, then the globe will appear regardless
AnecdoteA clear organized wiki should not have redundant pages
NamespacesNamespaces should be clearly documented and followed, there will be a list of namespaces and their purposes coming shortly
ImagesPlace images in the same namespace as the page that the editor is working on, except for ships and stations, which have a separate namespace
Community DescriptionsIt's ok to have other “persons” 1) when in sections where the community is explaining something to the reader, but keep 3rd person at all other times

The Elements of Style

This page should be read after one has read the syntax page, but some syntax material will be reproduced for the sake of clarity. This page was written to reflect the fact that there are a growing number of editors to the wiki that may or may not be familiar with dokuwiki, and reflects the need that some writing conventions need to be written down to create a cohesive style for the wiki so as to not create conflicting styles and varying quality.

Although it's best to link using the URL (as it will be more stable), using the syntax that does not engender the globe is best to the flow of information in the wiki. The globe causes some unnecessary distraction from reading, and breaks immersion into the wiki (if a wiki can have immersion). Be aware that the globe is not avoidable if the link is pointing outside the wiki or to a section of another page in the wiki, such as this link.
Thus, internal links 2) are better reads than external ones. This results in the use of links such as these: iocrym_command_ship


These links have the namespace in front of the page, and it is always best to have it just in case a page gets moved. Although pages within the :Awesome namespace don't require the use of :awesome while linking to other pages within the awesome namespace, it is still a better choice to have include the namespace. Most items and pages on this wiki do not have a namespace as of yet, so this will not be in effect until a still undecided namespace move occurs in the future.
Also take note that even a single space may be the deciding factor for the formatting of a page. For example, “
” will break a new line, but not so with “\\”. I suggest clicking at the edit this page button if anyone is curious.

Keep in mind that making great and effective links is VERY IMPORTANT.

Personal Anecdote time

I know the style page is not the place for a personal anecdote, but I encountered this page when looking through the index. A well-managed or well-linked wiki SHOULD NOT end up with either redundant pages or pages very out of the beaten path. I hope this episode serves as a reminder that not linking will result in many pages being essentially nonexistent.


Ever since the namespace change on the wiki, we now have a spiffy new index page. It's very neat and organized, and now the only issue is maintaining it and fixing all the broken links.

Namespaces are what define a group or cluster of pages. They are important because the wiki groups pages through namespaces, and there was long list of items that used to clutter up the index page.

Namespaces are set up when creating a link to a page that looks like this: namespace: nameofpage. This would lead to issues because new editors don't know old namespaces, old editors don't write down how they organize into namespaces, and then things become a mess.

Therefore, it is VITAL to make sure new pages get created in the proper namespace, and to be diligent when creating links


Images are also tricky. I'm unsure if the media files for this wiki can be edited by the wiki level editors (George probably can edit it, but we don't want to take time from Part II or Anacreon 3, now do we?) so adding files safely to the wiki is important.

As with namespaces, the media files on the wiki are also separated in a similar way.
There is actually a place to put all images that corresponds with all the namespaces in the wiki, so just place images in the same image namespace as the wiki page they are on. The exception is the ship and station images, which have their own namespace.

Community Descriptions

It's ok to use all three persons in the community description, but retain the 3rd person at all other times. The :gameplay namespace also counts as being a community description (since it describes gameplay mechanics), so it is exempt from the only 3rd person rule. Some examples are here.

Final Reminder

As a final reminder, thanks for deciding to help out on the wiki and helping out the Transcendence community. Here are some links to get started: Edit requests

read the section if the reference is lost :P
forgive the irony :P
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