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Source In Game Notes

Real Life Stars

Epsilon Eridani The Eridani system
Lalande The Lalande system
Rigel The Rigel Aurelius system
Antares Antares-class ships
Denebola The Denebola system
HD 44594 The HD 44594 system

Religion, Mythology, Ancient History

Greek underworld The Elysium system Named after a location where heroes and virtuous people lived the afterlife
Chinese mythology The Tianlong system Named after dragons
The Shenlong system
The Tao Tie system Named after beasts
The Qilin system
The Kunlun system Named after mountains
The Peng Lai system
Chinese history The Liu Bai system Liu Bai was a warlord of the Han Dynasty
The Epic of Gilgamesh The Enkidu system Enkidu is a character of the aforementioned source
Archangels The Tzadkiel system Named after
The Metatron system
The Galgaliel system
Ars Goetia The Flauros system Named after demons
The Dantalion system
Roman Emperors The Galerius system
The Numerianus system

Science Fiction & Fantasy

2001: A Space Odyssey Intro screen The icon for New Game shows an upper half of Earth in front of the Sun, not unlike the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Alien The LV 426 system Named after a location in the film
The Acheron system
The Man In The High Castle Loot During a livestream, George said that Curators loot is inspired by the trade of antiques and forgeries as described in The Man In The High Castle
Doctor Who level 8 unknown device named device(s) labeled “Dalek1”
Star Trek The Vori system
Tan Ru TanRuDorem
Star Wars Bootleg Star Wars 3DV
Book of the New Sun The Severian's Star system Named after the protagonist of the book
Ministry of Records On the Crash Reports section of the Ministry of Records, unidentified users are given the name “simulacrum”

Video Games

Star Control 2 Shofixti If the player enters nothing in the Name field of the Ship Selection screen, the name defaults to Shofixti.
Tor Quan Named similarly to the Ur Quan


XKCD level 8 unknown device named device labeled “XKCD”
NetHack unknown mnemonic cube named mnemonic cube labeled “nethack/VR 5.0”

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