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Drake-class missileship

Description: The Drake class missileship is feared only by an early game playership. It is not as dangerous as the pirate frigate, due to the laser cannons and KM100s/110s dealing less damage than the frigate's turbolasers and KM500s.

Name Drake
UNID &scDrake;
Class Drake
Type missileship
Score 350
Mass 1000
Cargo Space 5
Max Speed .12c
Thrust 250
Maneuverability 10
Wreck Chance 85%
Advanced reactive armor X12
laser cannon X2
NAMI missile launcher
85% chance of KM100 Longbow missiles
15% chance of KM110 Starburst missiles


A fairly weak ship, it is easily destroyed and is a huge pinata when a player can crack it.
Interestingly enough, it only has 5 cargospace for missiles, but when armor segments fall, it may exceed 5 tons.

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