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Name Sisters of Domina
UNID &stSistersOfDomina;
Level Frequency ruccc ur—
Armor Plasteel Armor
Hitpoints 150
Repair Rate 3

First, a few definitions: Attitude is a measurement of how the sisters feel about you. Relationship is a measurement of your standing with Domina, and it affects your Domina level, which in turn affects what Domina powers you have access to.

Tithe (giving money) will only affect the sisters' attitude. They value your donation based on what you have, including the equipment of your ship (but interestingly, with utter disregard for the cargo in your hold). There's also a timer involved: if you donate several times in short succession, only the first donation will actually count.

In the Sanctum, you may either:
Offer Items from your cargo. This may affect attitude or relationship or both. Below is a table of of possible items to donate in the Sanctum, and their rewards.
Contemplate, that is, pray. Possible outcomes are: (1) a small increase in your relationship with Domina; she may also (2) reveal the outgoing stargate, or (3) reveal all stations in the current system. Though most often, (4) nothing happens. Every attempt will tax the sisters' attitude towards you. If it ever drops to zero, they will politely remove you from the sanctum and not allow you back in until you increased their attitude again.

Pilgrim's Aid: basically, dock services. If the sisters like you, they will refuel your ship and / or repair your armor free of charge. If you do not have a single credit, they will also help you, regardless of attitude. If you need to buy back their goodwill at a later time, this aid may turn out to be quite expensive after all.

Donation Table
Item Attitude Relationship
Carved Prayer Stone 0 50
Jewel of Contemplation 0 100
Hierolith Crystal 150
Death Cube 200
Abbasid Thanogram 0 100
CDM Archive 200
Optical Knowledge Array 0 20
Slave Coffin 100
Gold Cash Card 500² 0
Platinum Cash Card 500² 0
Halo Gems 200
Meds 500² 0
Luxuries 1500² 0
Food 400² 0
Fuel 750² 0

¹Gain one attitude for each item donated.
²Credit value to gain one attitude
This table assumes the nominal price (e.g., one Helium3 Rod: 25 Credits; a Barrel of Centauri Rice: 100cr).


The most common way to increase you standing with Domina is to offer the right kind of items, like Prayer Stones, Death Cubes and (especially) Slave Coffins. The latter become quite plentyful after St. Katarines' Star, and it only takes 40 Slave Coffins to give you access to all Domina powers. The other relationship-boosting items are rather rare, effectively you can't get much of a relationship before you reach slaver territory. The relationship-by-items approach will also gain you enough attitude with the sisters to last for a long time, possibly for the remainder of the game.

If you need more attitude, giving money will, at best, yield 19 points – if you have a weak ship and donate every last credit. Depending on where you are in the game, offering fuel or medical supplies might be more cost-efficient, and maybe even easier.

Improving your relationship with Domina by prayer is possible, but not practical: on average, you'd need to contemplate about 200 times to get from Novice to Acolyte. Contemplating 200 times would require you to first gain 200 points of attitude.

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