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atmAtomTable is not included in the Xelerus list.

Syntax (atmAtomTable ((atom1 entry1) (atom2 entry2) ... (atomn entryn))) -> atmtable
Argument List atom1, atom2, …: integers used to look up entries in the atom table.
entry1, entry2, …: variables (and other objects?) stored as entries in the atom table.
object: a variable (or other object?) that is stored with the integer given in number.
Returns atmtable: The table containing pairs of atoms and entries.
Category atom functions
Description This generates a table of atoms.


Example from alterecco's post

(setq a (atmAtomTable
   (list '(string hello) (list "5" " Print") (list 3 "World") '(8 "me"))

Returns table

(I'm not sure what 'hello' turns into)

IMPORTANT: It is not known whether this function is stable for use. Use with caution!

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