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FIXME This is a work in progress.

XML elements used in Transcendence are detailed in documents available on Xelerus, but they are not guaranteed to be up to date or all-inclusive.

Root level elements

Note that prefixing any xml file name with _ will disable an extension (see Wolfy's Universal Mod and Utilities Manager).

Only used in Transcendence.xml from TranscendenceSource. UNID-less, as there can be only one. This contains most other elements used in the core game, as most of those are in module-type files included into Transcendence.xml.

An extension to modify game play that is automatically included when running the game if placed in an 'extensions' folder in the game folder.

Works like an extension, except that its content is only activated if the adventure is chosen at at the adventure selection screen (appears before ship selection, but only if more than one adventure is available). Only one adventure can be active at one time. Requires an AdventureDesc to provide things like the adventure 'cover' screen.

This element can also appear without UNID as a subelement of TranscendenceAdventure, as it does in Transcendence.xml. In this capacity it also defines modules that should only be loaded with the (default) adventure, such as Huari.xml, distinct from modules that load for all adventures which are also defined in Transcendence.xml.

(Someone want to test if you can slave this under a <TranscendenceExtension> to create a multi-mode extension file? —Weaver)

A UNID-less continuation container that must be included by a file using one of the above types to be recognized by the game. Used for large-project organization.

Design Types

A designtype is an XML element that defines a class of object in the game. All design types share certain things in common. For example, they are all uniquely identified by a 32-bit number (called an UNID). The properties and sub-elements common to all design types are listed in the designtype article.

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