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Earth Slaver

This huge, lumbering ship is usually found patrolling Sung space, and is very adept at crushing stations into interstellar dust.

Name Earth Slaver
UNID &scEarthSlaver; OR &scCarrierEarthSlaver;
Class Earth Slaver
Type ““
Score 935
Mass 9500
Cargo Space 500
Max Speed .12c
Thrust 3200
Maneuverability 8
Wreck Chance 100%
Heavy Sung armor X12, Non-critical X6
Yoroi S100 shield generator
Nandao bolt cannon
Particle beam weapon X2
Nandao bolt cartridges
CyberDeck lower shields


The Nandao isn't very good at hitting ships, as it is better suited for station bombardment. As for the particle weapons on the sides, particle resistance or keen use of a weapon to finish off the Earth slaver quickly should do the job. Remember to hit the front or back as the sides are NonCritical.

The Earth slaver has the “CyberDeck lower shields” cyberattack, which can instantly lower the player's shields. It has no other effect.

Note: there is also a version of the Earth slaver that acts as a carrier and contains Wind slavers.

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