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It's a little bit tougher than a standard Centurion, but still is easy to take down when you have to face the Centurion/X's of the Rogue Fleet. The Centurion/X is most commonly found in the Outer Realm, where the Rogue Fleet has assigned many Centurion/X's to their caches and Settlements.

Name Centurion/X
UNID &scCenturionX;
Class Centurion/X
Type heavy gunship
Score 1230
Mass 250
Cargo Space 50
Max Speed .22c
Thrust 2000
Maneuverability 3
Wreck Chance 50%
P150 Hexphase armor X4
R5 deflector
Katana star cannon


As a gunship, it shouldn't be too hard to take down in when a player meets them in the Outer Realm, unless a player enters a battle with substandard equipment.

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