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Steel Slaver

Slower and less armed than the Wind slaver, these ships have shields and better armor, and an omnidirectionally mounted weapon.

Name Steel slaver
Class Steel slaver
Type ““
Score 510
Mass 250
Cargo Space 10
Max Speed .15c
Thrust 800
Maneuverability 8
Wreck Chance 65%
Sung armorX4
Yoroi S100 shield generator
Particle beam weapon *omnidirectional
CyberDeck disarm


The Steel slaver has much better defenses than the Wind slaver, but is not as well armed. The weapon it has is mounted omnidirectionally, so it is harder to dodge. It's slow and big enough that a long range weapon such as a lancer cannon can be used against it effectively from far away. It is also slow enough to run away from, in the event that the player can't handle it.

Note: the Steel slaver has the “CyberDeck disarm” cyberattack, which can disable the player's weapons for a short time. It makes an EMP-type graphic on the player ship, but affects nothing other than the weapons.

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