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This is a ship database that is sorted by faction. It entails some gameplay tips as well as ships with an accompanying pretty image.
Have fun!


Iocrym command ship
Iocrym sentinel

Commonwealth star carrier
Aquila-class cruiser
Corporate cruiser
Aurochs-class transport
Britannia-class heavy gunship
Centurion/X-class heavy gunship
Centurion-class heavy gunship

Wind slaver
Steel slaver
Sung transport
Earth slaver
Dragon slaver

Xenophobe fighter
Xenophobe defender
Xenophobe worldship
Xenophobe ark

Ferian miner
Ferian warrior

Zoanthrope raider
Zoanthrope behemoth
Dwarg master

Ranx gunship
Ranx dreadnought

Hammerhead-class gunship
Hammerhead II-class gunship

Heliotrope gunship
Heliotrope destroyer

Ares sentry
Sandstorm-class gunship
Tundra-class heavy gunship
Chasm-class heavy gunship
Cometfall-class missileship
Deimos-class destroyer
Polar-class freighter
Polar II-class freighter
Phobos-class dreadnought

Urak sentinel
Urak destroyer

T31-class armed transport
T55-class armed transport

330M mule auton
310A aegis auton
300D defender auton
1M\i battle auton
1M battle auton

Plague-class gunship
Revelations-class missileship

Repentant-class gunship
Atonement-class heavy gunship

Borer-class gunship
Borer II-class gunship

Gaian processor
Hurin-class destroyer

Marauder raid platform
Charon frigate
Tripoli-class destroyer
Drake-class missileship
Barbary-class gunship
Corsair-class gunship
Corsair II-class gunship
Viking-class gunship
Viking II-class gunship

Centauri raider
Centauri heavy raider

Luminous drone
Ventari destroyer
Salvager nomad

Scarab-class superfreighter
Antares V-class superfreighter
Antares I-class freighter
Antares II-class freighter

EI7000-class freighter
EI500-class freighter
EI200-class freighter
EI100-class freighter

Hornet-class battlepod
Earthzone-class armed shuttle

Himal interceptor
Sotho-class gunship
Meth enforcer
Tenhove-class sentinel
Oromo-class gunship
Kobol gunship

Light IAV
Medium IAV
Heavy IAV
Manticore-class heavy gunship

Molotok bounty hunter
Sapphire-class yacht
Wolfen-class gunship

Ronin/A-class gunship
Ronin/B-class gunship
Ronin/C-class gunship

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